Cattle Baron’s Ball is one of the premier cancer fundraising events both locally and across the nation. Since 2003, the Detroit Cattle Baron's Ball has raised over $17 million to support our mission to save lives and achieve a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. Featuring remarkable support from metro Detroit’s top executives and community leaders, the celebration continues to succeed in setting revenue records year after year.


2019     Christopher Couch, Cooper Standard, Honorary Chair

2018     Julie Fream, OESA, & Bob Young, Toyota, Honorary Co-Chairs

2017     Joy Falotico, Ford Motor Company, Honorary Chair

2016     Ken Hopkins, Neapco Holdings LLC, Executive Chair

2015     Hau Thai-Tang, Ford Motor Company, Honorary Chair

2014     Tim Mahoney, Chevrolet, Honorary Chair

2013     Saad Chehab, Chrysler, Honorary Chair

2012     Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company, Honorary Chair

2011     Joel Ewanick, Chevrolet, Honorary Chair

2010     Mark Reuss, Chevrolet, Honorary Chair and Rick Siebert and Betsy Meter, KPMG, Executive Co-Chairs

2009     Jeffrey D. Bergeron and Tamara Izzo, Ernst & Young, LLP, Executive Co-Chairs

2008     Ray G. Young, General Motors, Executive Chair

2007     Jacqui A. Dedo, The Timken Company, Executive Chair

2006     Eric Ridenour and Paul B. Wilbur, Chrysler, Executive Co-Chairs

2005     Greg C. and Ann Smith, Ford Motor Company, Executive Co-Chairs

2004     Gary L. and Kay Cowger, General Motors, Executive Co-Chairs

2003     Gary L. and Kay Cowger, General Motors, Executive Co-Chairs


The first Cowger Leadership Award was presented to and named after Gary and Kay Cowger, the Detroit area’s first Cattle Baron’s Ball Executive Chairs at the 2004 Cattle Baron’s Ball. The Cowger Leadership Award represents the highest volunteer honor the American Cancer Society Lakeshore Division bestows on a member of this community. The Award is presented annually at Cattle Baron’s Ball.

Former award recipients include Gary & Kay Cowger, John Forte, Jeff Steiner, Christine Olszewski, Barb McAllister, Madeleine Phillips, Mel Stephens, Ken Hopkins, Greg Nowak, George Lenyo, Larry Ott, Kathy and John Brennan, and Susan Venen-Bock, Kate Mahanic, and Janelle Tischer.

The 2019 Cowger Leadership Award winner was Melissa Bunker.